Casi “sufre un infarto” al ver la mega propina que le dieron, luego descubre qué atendió a un famoso

Casi “sufre un infarto” al ver la mega propina que le dieron, luego descubre qué atendió a un famoso

Casi “sufre un infarto” al ver la mega propina que le dieron, luego descubre qué atendió a un famoso

Una famosa celebridad con renombre visitó cierta noche la Casa del Waffle para cenar y dejó una propina muy generosa. La camarera, que no la reconoció al principio, “casi tuvo un infarto” cuando vio cuánto dinero le dejó como propina.

Kassandra Rhea llevaba tres meses trabajando como mesera en la Casa del waffle (una franquicia de restaurantes) en Lynhurst, Indiana en Estados Unidos, cuando atendió a un cliente el 25 de noviembre de este año y quedó sorprendida por la tremenda propina que recibió.

“Para una cuenta de $48 (USD) no pensé que [la propina] sería tan grande. Casi me da un infarto, no voy a mentir. Me tomó completamente por sorpresa”, dijo Kassandra.

El cliente era la celebridad Donnie Wahlberg, que había traído a su hijo para ver el partido de los Celtics vs. Pacers. Después de que los Celtics ganaron, el actor y cantante decidió pasar por el restaurante para cenar.

Kassandra no reconoció a Wahlberg cuando entró al restaurante. Solo se dio cuenta de quién era cuando alguien más se lo indicó.

“No voy a mentir, no tenía ni idea”, le dijo a WTHR.

©Getty Images | Robin Marchant.

Expresó sorprendida: “¡Este es Donnie Wahlberg! Impresionante. Él estaba en la ciudad por el partido y decidió hacer una visita sorpresa en la Casa Waffle, así que tuve suerte”, recordó Kassandra.

“Sólo lo traté como una persona normal y corriente, porque eso es lo que es. Simplemente tiene un gran prestigio”, agregó.

©Facebook | Kassandra Rhea.

Kassandra se sorprendió cuando Donnie pagó la cuenta. Él le dejó una propina de $1000 (USD) con las instrucciones para que le diera $200 al otro mesero y otros $200 al cocinero.

©Facebook | Kassandra Rhea.

“Él estaba esparciendo el amor. Fue bastante impresionante”, dijo. Además Donnie se tomó algunas fotos con el personal, las cuales Kassandra subió a su página de Facebook, junto con elogios para el cantante.

©Facebook | Waffle House.

“Es la persona más simpática del mundo. Es súper dulce. Dijo que fue su mejor experiencia en la Casa del Waffle y me dio $1000 (USD). $600 para mí, $200 para el cocinero y $200 para mi otro compañero mesero. Esto fue lo mejor que pudo haber hecho. Soy tan afortunada de que lo hiciera. Me hizo las cosas mucho más fáciles. Muchas gracias Donnie Wahlburg”, escribió en Facebook.

©Getty Images | Gilbert Carrasquillo.

Su compañera de trabajo, Gayla Foley, también estaba feliz por ella. “Estoy tan contenta de que haya recibido esa propina de $1000 dólares porque lo necesitaba. Fue en un momento perfecto. Había estado con problemas por un tiempo”, le dijo Gayla a WTHR.

A principios de julio, Donnie y su banda se detuvieron en otro establecimiento de la Casa del Waffle en Charlotte, Carolina del Norte, donde dejó una propina de $2000 dólares. El equipo de ese lugar quedó encantado con la inesperada visita.

Por ahí se está corriendo la voz diciendo que a Donnie le gustan los waffles, y que también disfruta de ir a esparcir alegría por todos lados. ¿A qué Casa del Waflle se aventurará ahora?


Donnie Wahlberg preaches the Patriot Way in his ‘Love Letter to Steelers Fans’

Donnie Wahlberg preaches the Patriot Way in his ‘Love Letter to Steelers Fans’

By:  | December 19, 2017 2:05 pm ET

There have been hot takes aplenty in the wake of the thrilling Week 15 showdown between the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Patriots have towered supreme in the AFC for the better part of the 21st century, but the Steelers have always been right there — nipping at their heels.

In any case, the takes are packing a little extra heat in light of this particular win by Bill Belichick and company at Heinz Field. The Patriots engineered what appeared to be a game-winning touchdown drive capped off with a two-point conversion to go up 27-23 on the Steelers with 0:58 seconds remaining in the game, only to find themselves within 10 yards of defeat just two plays later.

By now, you know what happened next — overturned Jesse James touchdown — three-yard completion to Darius Heyward-Bey who didn’t get out of bounds — panicked fake spike that ended in a Duron Harmon interception in the end zone. It was Super Bowl XLIX all over again, and the same team came out on top.

The whole country agrees that according to the principles of common sense, the James touchdown was a catch. Even Patriots fans aren’t arrogant enough to argue that. Unfortunately the NFL’s definition of a completed catch doesn’t always agree with our common-sense eye test. It was a rough break, but the referee ultimately followed the rule.

Still, the game was far from over when that touchdown was overturned and ruled incomplete. The Steelers’ failures over the next 28 seconds were all their own — a reality that Donnie Wahlberg felt compelled to spell out in a video entitled “Wake Up Call with Donnie Wahlberg: Love Letter to Steelers Fans.”

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t much of a love letter. Wahlberg spent most of the time deriding the Steelers for not doing what the Patriots would’ve done in that situation, which was prepare themselves in case the call went against them.

“Ben Roethlisberger. Did he do what the GOAT Tom Brady would do? Get over there and talk to his offensive coordinator, come up with a plan in case the play is overturned? No. He sat around waiting for the refs! Is that what you do if you wanna be a champion? Wait for the refs? No! You come up with a plan in case the refs do what they always do, which is make a shitty call. Because that’s what they always do. They always make shitty calls, against every team! I admit it – it was a crummy call. It was the rule, but it was terrible call.

But you still had a chance to win.”

He vacillates between empathy and sanctimony through out the video  – which is definitely about four minutes too long. Still, the conclusion is worth it.

“As a fan of the greatest franchise of the last three decades, and possibly of all time, I’m gonna say one thing. The season isn’t over… if you’re the best team, you will win. You might not get home field. But you have the talent. You have the ability… Who’s to say you can’t go up to New England and win in the AFC Championship –if you’re fortunate enough and the Patriots are fortunate enough to get there. Because I’m sure the Jaguars would have something to say about that. And the Chiefs… they got our number. And the Jags got your number! So go figure.

It’s onto next week. Who ya got, the Browns? Go beat the Browns, maybe you’ll get lucky. Maybe the Bills will upset the Patriots, you get home field back and you’ll stop crying. Play the game til it’s over.”

I have a sneaking suspicion that they very last person on planet earth that Steelers fans want to hear any of that from is Donnie Wahlberg, and I certainly don’t blame them. But he’s not wrong. They bailed on the last thirty seconds of that game and it cost them.

‘New Year’s Eve hero!’ Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg thank store employee who let them warm up in closed store during ABC telecast

‘New Year’s Eve hero!’ Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg thank store employee who let them warm up in closed store during ABC telecast

Jenny McCarthy was one of the hosts of ABC’s Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve on Sunday night where temperatures in New York dipped well below freezing.

And the TV personality and her husband Donnie Wahlberg sought refuge from the biting chill inside a Gap store right off Times Square in between on camera spots.

The Blue Bloods actor and former boybander took to Instagram to thank the store employee called Tyler, sharing some cute video of him with Jenny.

Scroll down for video 

Thumbs up! Jenny McCarthy was keen to thank Gap store employee Tyler for letting her and husband Donnie Wahlberg keep warm in his closed store on New Year's Eve in New York

Thumbs up! Jenny McCarthy was keen to thank Gap store employee Tyler for letting her and husband Donnie Wahlberg keep warm in his closed store on New Year’s Eve in New York

Donnie wrote alongside the video: ‘#NewYearsEve hero!!! #TylerFromTheGap just saved us the sub zero temps!!! @gaptimessquare @jennymccarthy #RockinEve.’

The weather outside was frightful as record cold dominated proceedings.

Jenny and Tyler gave the thumbs up to the camera and shouted ‘Happy New Year’ from inside the warm building.

Video playing bottom right…
Grateful: Donnie wrote alongside the video: '#NewYearsEve hero!!! #TylerFromTheGap just saved us the sub zero temps!!! @gaptimessquare @jennymccarthy #RockinEve'

Grateful: Donnie wrote alongside the video: ‘#NewYearsEve hero!!! #TylerFromTheGap just saved us the sub zero temps!!! @gaptimessquare @jennymccarthy #RockinEve’

Staying warm: Jenny was one of the host's of ABC's Rockin' New Year's Eve but with temps well below freezing, she and Donnie sought shelter from the cold in between on camera spots

Staying warm: Jenny was one of the host’s of ABC’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve but with temps well below freezing, she and Donnie sought shelter from the cold in between on camera spots

She later joked on air that the cold weather was acting like a new type of plastic surgery.

The former actress who has a show on SiriusXM was wearing a hot pink jacket and a black knotted beanie for her TV hosting gig.

She also had on a black turtleneck sweater and finger-less mittens.

She later donned a black overcoat that matched her husband’s.

Jenny, 45, and Donnie, 48, wed in 2014. It was the second marriage for both of them.

Celebrating a new year: The former actress wore a pink jacket and a black knotted beanie for her TV hosting gig. She also had on a black turtleneck sweater and finger-less mittens

Celebrating a new year: The former actress wore a pink jacket and a black knotted beanie for her TV hosting gig. She also had on a black turtleneck sweater and finger-less mittens

Bundled up: She later donned a black overcoat that matched her husband's as they posed for photos with trivia host Scott Rogowsky

Bundled up: She later donned a black overcoat that matched her husband’s as they posed for photos with trivia host Scott Rogowsky

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Altar Boyz – Sinfully Delightful

During a month that traditionally sees dozens of holiday themed productions open, Rogers Park’s Theo Ubique Cabaret Theater is going a different direction and the audience is all the better for it. Ribbing both boy-bands and Christian Rock, while poking a little fun at Catholicism, Altar Boyz is being mounted to ring out the year. Directed by Courtney Crouse, this comedy tips it backward baseball cap to the monolithic success of the 1980’s and 1990’s boy bands, including *NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees and the New Kids on the Block. The intimate staging focuses all eyes on this quintet of talent. Adding the intricately energetic and powerful choreography from Jeff Award-winner Sawyer Smith, Altar Boyz proves an amusing, rib-tickling, satisfying night out at the theater.

Alter Boyz

The story follows a fictitious boy-band on the final night of their sold-out “Raise the Praise 2017” stadium tour. The concept was based on an idea by Marc J. Kessler and Ken Davenport, with a book by Kevin Del Aguila and music and lyrics by Gary Adler and Michael Patrick Walker. Originally running for over five years off-Broadway, the scale here is definitively smaller, but the charm and appeal remains firmly intact. With musical direction by perennial Theo Ubique favorite and Jeff Award-winner Jeremy Ramey, Altar Boyz will make you stand up and say Amen!

Alter Boyz

All the archetypes are here to play, each character named after a member of the Apostles to boot. First up, lead singer Matthew (Max DeTogne) who is all Justin Timberlake swagger, with height, ingenuity and leading man good looks on his side. Mark (Frankie Leo Bennett) is the sweet, pint-sized, closeted member of the group with pipes that impress. Think Lance Bass or New Kid’s Jonathan Knight, but with the boy next door good looks of Brian Littrell. Luke (Colin Schreier) is the dimwitted muscle man, much like Nick and Drew Lachey of 98 Degrees or New Kid on the Block’s Donnie Wahlberg, with a bit of a drug problem, make that “exhaustion issues” like New Kid’s AJ McLean. His special skill that he brings to the group, he drives the van. Juan (Marco Tzunux) is all south of the border sex appeal in spades with an impressive dance skill set. Do remember, before hitting international solo success with “Living La Vida Loca”, Ricky Martin was a member of the 1980’s ever rotating all-boy Latin super group, Menudo. The final member, Abraham (Steven Romero Schaeffer) jokingly referred to as the “Jewish” one, has the requisite good looks to lead, but is regulated to role of songwriter and wing-man, just like *NSYNC’s Joey Fatone, Backstreet’s Kevin Richardson, New Kid’s Joey McIntyre or 98 Degree’s Jeff Timmons.

Alter Boyz

The main goal of the group is to raise the spirits of their audience through song, measured with the Soul Sensor Digital Display devise. I couldn’t help but laugh during the individual breakdowns of the genesis of the group, told through tongue-in-cheek biblical chapters, according to Matthew, according to Luke and so on. When Bennett sang about “Jesus snapped me on my Snapchat” I about fell off of my chair. One lucky lady is selected nightly from the audience and serenaded by DeTogne during the song “Something About You….. Makes Me Want To Wait”. The remaining soundtrack “We Are The Altar Boyz”, “Rhythm In Me”, “Everybody Fits”, “La Vida Eternal” and “I Believe” could easily be worked into anther Tony Award-winning show poking fun at religion, a little show titled The Book of Mormon.

 Alter Boyz

The real drama of the piece has an ending with each member questioning their faith in each another as they are pulled apart by the seven deadly sins of the recording industry; including pride, envy, lust and greed. Each are tempted by a slew of solo recording deals from competitive record companies, and I will certainly not spoil the ending other than saying the boyz reunite, adorned in all white, nifty costume design by Kate Setzer Kamphausen, for one last remix of their title track. More silly than saintly, you will have a ball. Guaranteed laughs, wildly talented triple threat performers, and an up close vantage point make Altar Boyz a sure fire hit. Simply put, it would be a sin to miss.

Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre’s No Exit Cafe production of Altar Boyz is now playing through January 14, 2018

Stephen Sondheim, experimenter. Listen to ‘Pacific Overtures’ and ‘Forum’


Stephen Sondheim, experimenter. Listen to ‘Pacific Overtures’ and ‘Forum’



 Dec. 14, 2017 

The Garry Marshall Theatre (formerly the Falcon Theatre) is currently home to a new, hilarious revival of the Stephen Sondheim classic A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM. I admit, as an early 30-something audience goer, Sondheim hasn’t always been a favorite. But with time and introductions to a variety of his musicals, I can officially call myself a fan. My initial education into musical theater consisted of RENT, ’80s Andrew Lloyd Webber, and an obsessive turn with WICKED as a 19-year-old. Coincidentally, Joey McIntyre, currently starring in this production, played Fiyero just before I had seen it on Broadway. I’d missed him by mere weeks and with the theater located 15 minutes away from where I live, I was finally fortunate enough to see this wonderful company create a Broadway-caliber show in an intimate setting.

Joey McIntyre, Vanessa Nichole, E.K. Dagenfield
(Photo by: Chelsea Sutton)

First performed in New York in the 1960s starring Zero Mostel and inspired by the writings of Plautus, an ancient Roman playwright, the style of comedy is reminiscent of classic vaudeville — slapstick, big jokes, cases of mistaken identity, and breaking the fourth wall to include the audience into their jokes. This production, in particular, did a wonderful job of updating the play with jokes to make the material seem fresh and current. Normally, sometimes not an entertaining device on its own, but in this case within the context of the play? Absolutely hysterical.

For example, Joey McIntyre best known for his role in the popular group New Kids on the Block, performs several seconds of “You Got It (The Right Stuff),” dance moves and all, and the audience, comprised of plenty of New Kids fans and some non-New Kids fans, reacted with instant recognition. I’m sure this will change as he’s left the production with his last performance on December 10th, having played the role of Pseudolus for three weeks. I have no doubt that this particular scene will be altered for something equally as memorable and as funny.

Ethan CohnCandi MiloMichael Thomas GrantKevin Symons
(Photo by: Chelsea Sutton)

The Narrator of this story is Pseudolus, a slave in the household of Senex and Domina, wanting nothing more than his freedom, and finally finds an opportunity when his younger Master, Hero, falls in love with Philia, a courtesan he’d seen in a house of ill repute. Unfortunately, it’s been discovered that she’s already been sold to a Captain coming to claim her, and young love will have ended before it’s begun. Well, with Pseudolus gunning for his freedom, he doesn’t allow that to happen. What happens next is a series of comical scenes of mistaken identity involving Hero’s father, Senex and another slave, Hysterium, and also a story of Erronius and his search to find his lost children kidnapped by pirates, and then the introduction of Miles Gloriosus, a perfect modern day Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

Pseudolus calls for someone who needs to capture your attention, hold it, and have you rooting for him even through his schemes that go awry and he causes more problems than solutions. Joey McIntyre has that in spades. Not only charming, he carries an understanding of comedy, and really lets loose throughout the show. His powerful voice carried well within the space, able to navigate through the score with ease. Michael Thomas Grant as Hero, plays youthful and love struck so well with a strong, soaring voice to match. Perfect protagonist to play opposite Nicole Kaplan‘s naive, yet forthcoming, Philia. Though she’s supposed to be the maiden in need of saving, she didn’t need much saving. She managed to avoid major conflict by being at the right place at the time and Nicole Kaplan played this up so well. And let’s talk about that voice. I sincerely hope she will be singing in my vicinity forever. Her voice carried the light and airy touch needed for Philia’s innocence, but also booming when it needed to be. A beautiful soprano that needs to be experienced in person.

Liz Bustle, Shamicka Benn, Vanessa Nichole, Clayton Snyder, Paul C. Vogt
(Photo by: Chelsea Sutton)

A trio of women played various characters throughout the show — Roman soldiers, courtesans, townspeople, a seemingly endless parade of different characters in different dress. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them, each, individually, such incredible talents and wonderful dancers! Shamicka Benn plays a memorable and mesmerizing Gymnasia. Liz Bustle looks very much the part of strong soldier, incredible dancer as Tintinabula. Vanessa Nichole is an incredibly impressive dancer and performer, one you won’t soon forget long after the show’s over. Ethan Cohn is absolutely hysterical as Hysterium (no pun intended, promise). His comedic style and beautiful voice so well-suited for this part. E.K. Dagenfield as Lycus and also as Erronius left me almost literally falling out of my chair with laughter, so well-poised, but also able to play both roles so well. Candi Milo is such a dominant present onstage (again, no puns intended) as her character, Domina. Strong, sexy, and pretty sensational as the beautiful wife of Senex.

Senex, played masterfully by Kevin Symons, seemed such a natural fit for the actor who carried himself like the master of a great house, haughty, but also with his own moments of naivete. He has such a beautiful voice and I’m glad we got to hear it for a portion of the performance. Clayton Snyder as Miles Gloriosus is an absolutely can’t-miss sight as in…don’t miss him playing this part at the Garry Marshall Theatre. I don’t want to spoil it. You have to see it for yourself. He plays the role with such gusto, bravado, and a gorgeous voice to match.

Be sure to catch this show before it’s over! Playing at the Garry Marshall Theatre until December 31st! Tickets can be purchased here.

Paul C. Vogt has returned to the role of Pseudolus.
E.K. Dagenfield, Shamicka BennPaul C. Vogt
(Photo by: Chelsea Sutton)
The Company of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
(Photo by: Chelsea Sutton)
Exterior of the theatre
(Photo by: Aimee Curameng)

Is Baby It’s Cold Outside creepy or empowering?

Is Baby It’s Cold Outside creepy or empowering?

The song is seen as a Christmas classic but people aren’t happy with the lyrics…

Declan Cashin

It’s one of the most-recognisable Christmas songs and has been covered by the likes of Tom Jones, Lady Gaga, Michael Bublé, Glee star Lea Michele (pictured above with Joey McIntyre), and Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel in the movie Elf.

But is Baby It’s Cold Outside an appropriate festive soundtrack for a year that has been dominated by one story of sexual harassment and abuse after another?

The song, typically a duet between a man and a woman, was originally written in 1944, and recorded five years later for the film Neptune’s Daughter. It won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 1950.

The tune takes the form of a back-and-forth conversation where a man tries to persuade his female guest not to risk the journey home in the titular bad weather, but to have another drink and spend the night with him instead.

On the surface, the song’s lyrics are meant to read as a seduction or flirty banter. But over the last few years, the tone of the song – and its message – have been singled out for criticism around its treatment of consent. One article from 2012 got to the heart of the issue when it asked, ‘Is Baby It’s Cold Outside a date rape anthem?’

The controversy arises from these lyrics especially: “The neighbours might think… Say, what’s in this drink?”

Critics’ interpretation of that section of the song has it that the man has slipped something into the woman’s drink – what modern listeners infer to be a ‘roofie’, the slang word for rohypnol, a drug that can render the taker unconscious or incapacitated.

Even more alarming to today’s audience, the original score listed the man’s part as ‘Wolf’ and the woman’s part as ‘Mouse’, heightening the apparent predatory overtones.

So is the song inappropriate in 2017, an era dominated by sexual assault allegations against a growing number of public figures, among them Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and even the current US president?

Vanity Fair has argued the song is emblematic of the kind of ‘culture clash’ row that regularly flares up in politically and socially polarised times like ours. Last year, a singer-songwriter couple named Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski recorded a versionof the song with the lyrics amended to reflect our more ‘woke’ times.

Calling the original wording “aggressive and inappropriate,” the duo’s new iteration has lyrics like, “I really can’t stay/Baby I’m fine with that,” and “What’s in this drink?/Pomegranate La Croix”.

In response to that, one conservative site took ‘social justice warriors’ to task, arguing that the contentious line “what’s in this drink?” could have any number of harmless meanings. For instance, the woman never specified what drink she wanted and so might be seeking clarification. Or, perhaps she’s embarrassed by how drunk she is and wants to deflect blame to the unknown drink.

Michael Bublé and Jennifer Hudson performing the song in 2009Getty Images
Michael Bublé and Jennifer Hudson performing the song in 2009

Another interpretation is featured in a 2016 Tumblr post that has done the rounds online again over the past week. In it, the writer of the post concedes that in today’s heightened culture, the song “absolutely sounds like a rape anthem”.

But the writer places the song in the context of its time, and then flips the argument so that Baby It’s Cold Outside actually becomes a feminist anthem.

The argument goes: the woman is out late in a man’s house, unchaperoned, which was very much frowned upon in the 1940s. She’s concerned about what the neighbours and family will think of her staying the night with the man. She’s not worried about what’s in the drink, but rather wants to ‘blame’ the drink’s potency for her decision to sleep with with the guy – to give herself “plausible deniability” for deciding to have “awesome consensual sex”.

In other words, the writer argues, the woman is just going through the motions of what “good, respectable girls” were expected to in sexual situations at the time. “It’s a song about a woman finding a way to exercise sexual agency in a patriarchal society designed to stop her from doing so,” the writer concludes.

Baby It’s Cold Outside isn’t the only classic Christmas song to fall foul of modern listeners. Here are a few others:

Santa Baby

First composed in 1953, Santa Baby has become a target for critics for its sexist message. Traditionally sung by a woman – Eartha Kitt, Madonna, and Kylie Minogue have covered it – the issue is that, as Kadeen Griffiths points out, “the entire song is essentially someone trying to seduce Santa Claus in order to get a bunch of Christmas presents”.

Others have kicked the song for the lyric, “Think of all the fun I’ve missed, think of all the fellas that I haven’t kissed/Next year I could be just as good, if you check off my Christmas list,” with its implication that a woman can only be on Santa’s ‘nice list’ if she refrains from having fun or kissing guys.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

The issue with this song – about a child witnessing a supposed act of infidelity between their mother and St Nick – is that its true wink-wink meaning is lost on a young audience. As adults, we should get that ‘Santa’ is actually the child’s father dressed up in the costume (and in case there are younger readers here, that it’s not actually the REAL Santa).

But, as this writer points out, a young child listening to the song isn’t likely to understand that nuance, and instead clocks that “his mother is cheating on his dad and potentially tearing the family apart”, resulting in “that little kid’s entire moral compass [becoming] skewed irreparably.”

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Mariah Carey’s indomitable festive tune might be “the most addictive holiday song ever,” but some have taken issue with its “anti-feminist” undertones.

This writer argues that the song’s message is that the woman wants nothing more for Christmas but a man – and, to top it all of, she’s relying on another man (that would be Santa) to get that man for her.

But let’s be honest: even if you agreed with that interpretation, it wouldn’t stop you from belting out every word of it on the dance floor at your office party, right?

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Originally published 5 December, 2017 

From New Kids on the Block to Stephen Sondheim: Joey McIntyre Talks Returning to Theater

From New Kids on the Block to Stephen Sondheim: Joey McIntyre Talks Returning to Theater


Chelsea Sutton
Joey McIntyre and the company of “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum” at the Garry Marshall Theatre.

If you cruise down Riverside Drive in Burbank, Calif., you can’t help but notice the marquee in front of the newly renamed Garry Marshall Theatre (rechristened this year to honor his memory). Beneath the title of the current show, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, is the leading man’s name: Joey McIntyre — and the news that he is only in the show as Pseudolus for three weeks (with his run ending Dec. 10 when original cast member Paul C. Vogt returns from playing Amos Hart in an international tour of Chicago).

McIntyre starred in the film adaptations of the musicals The Fantasticks and Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. His stage musical credits include Tick, Tick…BOOM! and Wicked. The New Kid on the Block talked to Billboard about his earliest musical theater memories, going from pop music to Stephen Sondheim and if more stage work is in his future.

What is your earliest memory of musical theater?

Coincidentally, my earliest memory of the theater was A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. I lived four blocks from the Footlight Club, the oldest community theater in America. It’s a beautiful 250-seat theater in Jamaica Plain [Massachusetts]. My mother and sister were in the show. The actor who played Pseudolus had this can of peanuts, and when he opened it, snakes would jump out. My friend and I would sit in the front row. My first job in theater was to collect the snakes.

You joined New Kids on the Block when you were 12. Before that, did you have a chance to appear in any musicals?

Theater has been so important to me and my family over the years. Mom performed in church and at the Footlight. Dad came up in Boston politics and that can be a song and dance show. I love sports but I grew up in the theater, starting at age six. I learned about music by being on stage. I was in shows like Oliver! and The Music Man. There’s nothing but joy in the theater. There’s an openness to everything. Historically, the gay community has always been very involved in theater and as a kid you notice that people can be what they want to be. There’s a warmth in the theater. Then you sing a song and people clap for you. What’s better than that?

You’ve appeared at the Garry Marshall Theatre before, in 2006 when it was known as the Falcon Theatre. What was it like to work with Garry when you were starring in his stage production of Happy Days?

It was really a joy. He created Happy Days and I watched that show when I was growing up. There’s nothing cooler than the Fonz and Richie Cunningham. To play the Fonz and work with this legend who did everything from Dick Van Dyke to Pretty Woman was like a master class. Garry was a sweetheart and his spirit is still alive in his theater. He was a regular human guy and he opened up to me about the ups and downs of life. Everyone who worked in that theater had a connection with him.

Paul C. Vogt, who is playing Pseudolus in this current production of Forum, had to step out of the show for three weeks and you were asked to step in. How did that come about?

When I first saw the line-up of shows for the current season, I texted Joe [Joseph Leo Bwarie, director of Forum] and told him I would have auditioned for the role. Then Paul stepped out and Joe called me and asked if I could learn the show in two weeks. It was a tall order but I took the challenge. It was a chance to learn and grow.

What is it like to go from pop music to Stephen Sondheim?

Sondheim is complicated. Every syllable, every idea is connected to something else. Any songwriter could learn a lot from Sondheim. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a huge fan. The way he wrote Hamilton, with his pop background, he emulated Sondheim. I’ve always enjoyed interpreting songs. Most of the time, pop singers are going for the acrobatics, which isn’t my forte. I’m confident about how I deliver a song. I’ve never been bashful about tying emotion to the song.

What is your favorite moment in Forum?

I get to sing the opening song with the company [“Comedy Tonight”]. Then I sing “Free.” Pseudolus is a slave who wants to be free. It’s a great song and it kicks off his trajectory, his arc. I also love singing “Pretty Little Picture.” It’s early Sondheim with such descriptive lyrics: “In the ocean an island waits, smooth and sandy and pink, filled with lemons and nuts and dates.”

I’m working with a great cast, we have a beautiful set and the costumes are gorgeous. I’ve been touring with New Kids a lot, so I haven’t done much theater lately. It’s wonderful doing something again and again. You ask yourself, that worked last night, why not tonight? You can try things out, just being in the moment. You try different techniques. You swing and sometimes you miss, but when you hit a home run in the theater, it’s electric.

Do you want to do more theater?

I think so. I’m moving to New York. I put that out in the universe, so it’s not a coincidence I’m doing a musical before I head back. I want to be in that world again. I’ve driven down Beverly Boulevard [in Los Angeles] enough.

Barrett Williams Wiki: 5 Facts to Know about Joey McIntyre’s Wife

Barrett Williams Wiki: 5 Facts to Know about Joey McIntyre’s Wife

joey mcintyre wife

Barrett Williams collaborated with Lea Michele for ABC’s holiday special, The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration. As much as families watching it at home enjoyed it, we’re sure Joey McIntyre’s wife and kids loved it even more! Joey McIntyre and Barrett Williams are the world’s most adorable couple. If you don’t believe it, find out about Joey McIntyre’s wife in Barrett Williams’ wiki.

#1. She Worked in Real Estate

In fact, that’s how they met! In August 2002, the NKOTB singer walked into Barrett Williams’ office. At that time, he was just her very first client. She admitted she didn’t recognize him and didn’t get why her office was abuzz with excitement at his arrival. She even resorted to looking him up on the Internet to find out.

Months later, she found him a great house at 809 Nowita Place in Venice, California. He rented the place and fell in love.“It was the biggest life-changing moment I have ever experienced,” he said.

On August 9, 2003, they tied the knot in New York’s Plaza Hotel. He chose to adorn the numbers, 8.09 in tiny diamonds on his wedding band in memory of August 8, the day he met Williams and the address of the house.

#2 They Put on a Wedding Show

Williams and McIntyre’s nuptials were attended by a small party of 16. Their inter-faith service officiated by both a rabbi and a priest. She had two dress changes, including a strapless ivory silk gown by Carolina Herrera, while the heartthrob donned a black Gucci tux.

From there, it was all fun and games as the newlyweds entered the dining hall to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.” They mimed and lip-synced the song much to the entertainment of their 230 guests. Among the guests were McIntyre’s fellow New Kids, Jordan and Jonathan Knight, and his family, including his eight older siblings and parents.

Barrett’s friend, fashion designer Emme, gushed about the couple at their wedding. “I was like, ‘That’s her!’” she said about their funny performance and Williams’ sense of humor adding, “Barrett is such a special, warm young person.” After their wedding, the McIntyres flew to Nevis and St. Martin for their honeymoon.

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#3. She Inspired His Album

It may sound cheesy but falling in love really did help McIntyre musically. As he put it, “I’ve been in love before, but when I met Barrett, I told Eman, ‘this is different.’ We started that one right then and there. When you are really ready to give your heart over to someone, it can bring you to your knees, but it also makes for some great songs.”

A year after their marriage, he released his fourth solo album, 8:09, a title dedicated to the couple’s lucky numbers. He knew right then that she was the one he’d marry. But how? “Barrett’s smart and has a great sense of humor,” he said adding, “I had to find someone smarter than me, funnier than me and crazier than me, and I found her.”

#4. They Have 3 Kids

In November 2007, there was a new kid on the McIntyre block when Williams gave birth to their son, Griffin Thomas. When Griffin was two, their second child, Rhys was born. They welcomed a daughter, Kira in May 2011.

The parents found out their three-month-old son couldn’t hear, two days before Christmas. The infant had failed a routine hearing test at the hospital when he was born. Extensive follow-up tests at UCLA revealed he had severe hearing loss.

Though shocked, Williams and McIntyre were confident of getting through it. “It feels like you’re holding your breath,” said McIntyre. “And that feeling lasted for a few days, until you get educated. You go from, ‘Oh my God’ — fearing that someday my son might be walking into the street and I’m calling after him and he’s not going to hear me — to ‘It’s going to be okay’ to ‘It’s going to be amazing.’ Rhys’ hearing loss is part of who he is. His life is going to be as special as Griffin’s. There’s just work involved,” added McIntyre.

The family signed up for speech therapy and got hearing aids fitted for Rhys. “You put his hearing aids in, and his little eyes just widen,” said Rhys’ verbal therapist. McIntyre even works to spread awareness about hearing loss and recorded a PSA to encourage parents to get their children’s hearing tested early on.

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#5. She Stars in His Show

Barrett Williams is not very active on social media. She recently joined Twitter but her account is private. But she is featured on her husband’s Instagram. Nevertheless, fans got to see the mother-of-three steal the spotlight from her husband in his new show, Return of the Mac that premiered in 2017.

The scripted comedy series that aired on Pop back in April featured McIntyre, his wife, and their kids. The story is inspired by his foray into acting after the disbandment of NKOTB in the ‘90s. McIntyre plays a version of himself struggling to become an actor on a show, but instead ends up hosting a late-night talk show.

While his kids enjoyed their time in front of the camera, he was on the fence about casting his wife. “I wanted to do a scripted show, but [with] the reality aspect of today’s entertainment world, I thought that was a good mix,” McIntyre explained. “I went back and forth … which is weird, because first of all you’re asking your wife to really help you out and then you’re like, ‘Well, I’m not so sure.’ I was a schmuck there for a while,” he added.

In the end, he had nothing to worry about, after all. “She was great. The more we went along with the series I just realized how good she is.”

Barrett’s character on the show is relaunching her career as a Hollywood stylist. How did her first acting experience go? “It was a whole new experience for me and really fun to share it together,” said Mrs. McIntyre adding, “It was definitely a learning curve — in the beginning it was like, ‘Oh, I have to know where the camera is!’ But it was fun and I just tried to keep it simple and enjoy it.”

New Kids on the Block add three all-new Christmas songs to ‘Thankful’ EP

New Kids on the Block add three all-new Christmas songs to ‘Thankful’ EP

New Kids on the Block are giving their loyal fans an incredible treat this festive season, with an exclusive re-release of their EP Thankful.

Titled Thankful – Unwrapped,  the EP contains three never-before-heard Christmas songs which are bound to become festive favourites in years to come. The three new offerings are called ‘Unwrap You’, ‘One Night of Peace’, and ‘December Love’.

‘Unwrap You’ will fill you wish festive cheer immediately. It’s such a jolly song, that you can’t help but want to sing along.  ‘One Night of Peace’ has a classic feel to it, before a modern beat kicks in during the chorus. Finally, there’s ‘December Love’, which oozes the slick RnB vibe that NKOTB are best known for.

Thankful – Unwrapped tracklist

  1. Heartbeat
  2. Thankful
  3. One More Night
  4. Hard (Not Luvin U)
  5. Still Sounds Good
  6. We Were Here Featuring DMX
  7. Unwrap You
  8. December Love
  9. One Night of Peace

Take a listen to Thankful – Unwrapped below.

Alongside the EP re-release, New Kids on the Block have announced the release of their Unwrapped documentary. Released on on Saturday, December 9, the documentary will feature footage from their summer Total Package Tour. Joey, Donnie, Danny, Jordan and Jonathan were joined by Elijah Wahlberg and Noah Vera, who captured exclusive interviews with the guys in addition to behind the scenes footage.

Check out a teaser from the documentary below.


Thankful – Unwrapped is available to download and stream now.